Saturday, May 27, 2017

ER Stack

Patient (P) gestures that he cannot breathe and passes out. Patient attendant (A) shouts for the nurse (N). Nurse calls in the ER doctor (D).
D (rushing in) : Deploy powerful information platform - STAT!
N : Patient identity layer - loading Patient payment protocol - Go.
D : Hurry, we don't have much time. Patient's vitals are deteriorating.
N : Biometric and consent platforms : Go.
A : Doctor, what is going on? I can't feel my husband breathe. Please do something
N : Doc, all platforms go. We are on
D : Diglock? Disruptive innovation layer?
N : Check
D (to A) : We are good to go now. We've created this powerful platform right here. You have the whole world at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless.
A : What am I supposed to do?
D : There is no fear. Innovate fearlessly. This is the moment the nation has been waiting for, among others.
A : Is he going to die?
D : ...Our platform lets innovations scale rapidly. We don't suffocate the inventive energies of young people like you. It is completely secure, completely interoperable.
A : His heart has stopped beating. Please DO something!
D : The power is in your hands. We are not a service based ER unlike other hospitals, we are an ER platform. The platform architecture is non-traditional, in other words
A : He is gone, I think
D : I think you got too caught up in the legacy approach, that never works.
A : I'll see you in the court
D : Our APIs don't yet allow for legal innovation, but no harm in dreaming as they say.

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